Fourth Position


Still at 5 percent, now switching to color transparency film. I can project these as slides on a big screen and can still see the images. Bigger is much better. I had Eddie do several of my black and white images as 4 foot by 5 foot prints, and I could see them. Now I could grope around in the large color projections. Wow.


I did so many double exposures in this color medium. It was always a surprise, the color combinations always shifted in the viewfinder and in the prints and projection; startling and surprising. A color printer in Japan, printing the gigantic posters for a show in Tokyo, said it was great fun, because he did not know either exactly what would happen. I had a show sponsored by Japan Guide Dogs Association. There were 65 prints of buildings, each with Joseph somewhere in or at the building, beautifully shaped against the form of the architecture.


Dogs, guide dogs that is, go on planes, even on that long flight to Japan. We both would shine at the reception for that show.