Changement de pieds


Foot hopping. Or this is where the subversion comes in.- in the meaning of under or behind, as when a coin is turned over, that kind of behind - “sub verso”. What is behind the paper? Nothing is underhanded, but is sort of under cover. Under the cover of the sightless eye, the non-seeing eye, as the Europeans now say. It may hurt feelings to say Blind. What about the work of daily life and daily photographing? We physiologically unsighted, we blind, are looking under and behind all kinds of techniques to continue shooting and printing or showing our sight out of hand to the world around us. Subversive, yes, in deed and in composition.


We are constantly changing our position, trying to get the best image for ourselves, over and under and behind and out loud. I often photograph my feet on the floor or on a path where a dog is lying. Let sleeping dogs lie. Hop to the other foot, move quietly or noisily around that dog, get better positions for a great shot. That is what subversion is about. Changing with our need to work in a different way, and then tell the world to have a look.