In 2006-7 Alice Wingwall was Artist in Residence at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where she worked with Walter Kitundu to create the show titled “Overdog Mango”, prompted by the Canis Major constellation, which is also available on DVD. In 2008 she was given a residency at La Pilande Basse in southwestern France, where she created an installation ‘The Landing of Flight 0851” composed of reconfigured plastic chairs placed on the precipitous slopes of a millstream.


Her collaborative work has been described in the book Collaborations: Artists and Architects, edited by Barbara Diamondstien and in an article in PLACES on “Cascade Charley”, a cascading composition of rocks, steps and water at the Mark Hatfield Science Center at the University of Oregon. She is also featured in the book of essays titled Working it Out, edited by Pamela Daniels and Sarah Ruddick. Her photographic essay in Building Blocks published by William Stout states many of the recurrent themes in her work, as do several articles published in the journal PLACES, and in the Japanese magazine Global Architecture.


Alice is a member of the Board of Directors of Creative Growth in Oakland, and has for many years been on the Board of the Kronos Performing Arts Association. She works and resides now in Berkeley California, and at The Sea Ranch CA, accompanied by her loving guide dogs (first Joseph, then Slater, now Rumba) and her husband, Donlyn Lyndon FAIA. Their three children, Andrew, Audrey and Laura and their families also live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.